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Recipe: Tasty Pesto baked chicken thighs

Pesto baked chicken thighs. Pesto lends a rich flavor to this easy chicken thigh recipe—perfect for a weeknight dinner. Paired with crusty bread and a simple salad, these easy chicken thighs are perfect for a weeknight dinner. In any case, this baked pesto chicken will be amazing no matter what cut of chicken you use.

Pesto baked chicken thighs This Easy Baked Pesto Chicken is a tasty dinner that you can make with purchased pesto if you don't have any in the freezer. When I first made Easy Baked Pesto Chicken, I loved what a great low-carb dinner it was but I'm not sure I ever imagined it would become one of the most popular recipes on the. This easy Baked Pesto Chicken is a fast dish made with chicken breasts, pesto, tomatoes, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. You can cook Pesto baked chicken thighs using 5 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Pesto baked chicken thighs

  1. You need 1/4 cup of prepared pesto.
  2. You need 3 of tbls. olive oil.
  3. Prepare of salt.
  4. It's of pepper.
  5. It's 2 of lbs. boneless skinless chicken thighs.

What To Serve with Baked Pesto Chicken. I like to serve this with salad or zucchini noodles to keep it low-carb but you can also serve it over pasta. Preparation Place chicken breast in a baking dish. Season chicken with salt and pepper, to taste.

Pesto baked chicken thighs instructions

  1. Preheat over to 375. Stir pesto oil salt pepper together and add chicken. Stir until all chicken has pasto all over.let set 15 mins on counter..
  2. Place on tin foil lined baking sheet. Spread whatever pesto is left in bowl smear all over chicken. Bake for 20min..
  3. Flip chicken bake for another 10 mins or until done..

Spread pesto on each chicken breast. Baked Pesto Chicken Thighs and Potatoes. Pesto-coated chicken tenders are baked atop rice and blanketed in Parmesan and Alfredo sauce in this quick and easy casserole recipe. Fast easy meal to put together with prepackaged pesto! Place chicken and pesto in medium bowl; toss to coat.

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